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Hello reader! My name is Devi Maria Ulfa. I was born in Tegal, Central Java. Raised in Ambon, Maluku; Magelang, Central Java; and Serang Banten! Yes, I knew some of you must be confused why is it so many cities I was raised! My father’s job requires him to move from another city to another city for a few years, that is why I live in multiple cities. Completing my High School in Serang City, I moved to Yogyakarta to pursue my Bachelor Degree in Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Department of International Relations. Since I was in high school, I already made blogs from free sites such as blogger, and then moved to Tumblr. Before I decided to make my own blog, I was on Tumblr. I shared so many stories that I have been through all day, about anything, such as broken-hearted with my first love, my assignments, movie quotes, Naruto fandom (Sasusaku Shipper-YESS!), anime fandoms, fanfictions, fanart, or photography and Japanese culture blogs. Now that Tumblr has been blocked in Indonesia, I can no longer use it, so I decided to make my own here! Most things that I wrote in my blog back then was about my journey to go somewhere new and share pictures. I love photography and it helps me with the startup of this blog. Sharing is caring and I love sharing, knowing people reading or watching my hard work is the happiest thing I have ever felt. I’m going to learn and learn, that’s why I need your support! In Japanese called 「よろしくお願いします!」- yoroshiku onegaishimasu – mohon bantuannya!


Start Traveling

My passion for traveling was started with my mother. She loves traveling to go somewhere new and took photos for her social media. Following her traveling and my passion also for taking good pictures, I started to take my own pictures with folk-theme and making good feed for Instagram. So it could be said that I started to love this thing is from photography and my mother. I love meeting new people, listening to their story, and know new places. Knowing those things make my fingers itchy to type words on a platform, that is one of a million reasons this blog is made. I love to share!


The content of This Blog

You can find inspirational, funny, sad, or even very happy thoughts and stories from my experience in traveling. I also include tips for you if you are going to the place I went to. I hope my story can help you to go somewhere you want to go. Always appreciate your feedback in the comment section!



Mbak Kadek Arini (www.kadekarini.com). She gave me encouragement to started my own blog and falling in love with her photos on Instagram! I want to be like you, a successful Travel Blogger. Love you mbak!


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