Sawarna: A Giant Wave Breaker in Banten, Indonesia

Assalamualaikum – peace be upon you – folks!

Beach is known as summer weather, coconut tree, Es Kelapa Muda (young coconut water + ice), and the breeze. But that day we arrived in a midday when the sun was on our top of head, burning and crazy. I thought I could feel Jahannam already, but no, hell is hotter than this.

For the second thought, I was glad my mother pick a room with an AC in it, and we were so lucky because the room with an AC we were staying was the last one. Even though it used an AC but the coldest temperature of the AC (16 degrees) was like 25 degrees only. Is the AC broken or the weather was so and literally hot?

As my previous post: Road to Sawarna: Accommodations and Transportation, I said that you should bring a lot of snacks, yes! I was glad I bought a lot of snacks and the MINERAL WATER is life, folks! The hot weather of summer is better restored by mineral water or coconut water, and I was glad to bring 1,5 liters of mineral water just for me (I finished it in 3 hours).

The tour guide told us it was better to visit a first attraction place after we did Ashar prayer which was at 4 PM when the weather was cooling down and the breeze felt better.

Day 1: Sawarna Tanjung Layar

To get there, we used 3 motorcycles. My father was with my mother, I rode alone, and my brother was with the tour guide. It took about 5 minutes to get there, Tanjung Layar. I slipped while riding a motorcycle because the sand beach was very slippery – my tires slipped. My cheeks turned red because some people were looking at me, but I was okay anyway, they would forget it too soon!

Arrived in Tanjung Layar, the water was having a high tide but the wind was not too strong. It was a long weekend, so there were a lot of people take a vacation there, crowded, but it was not like Jakarta’s Ancol Beach which got no any space for us to even relax.

Tanjung Layar Sawarna – Google Images


I couldn’t take an original photo of this picture above because that day, this sign was currently under renovation.


Big Stone behind Tanjung Layar Sawarna Sign


That day I was my parent’s photographer. My mother wanted the best photo of her with my father, probably they wanted to remake their pre-wedding photo because my mother would pose like a romantic spouse in teenage dreams.


2nd pre-wedding picture of my parents



Even though my parents were spoiled by me taking pictures of them, I could sharpen my skill in photography. I really love taking pictures. By traveling I could have a lot of objects to take.

After taking pictures with several take-ups (whenever I took pictures of my mom, she always said the photo was not right) we could see the sunset on its way so beautifully. This moment was my chance to take sunset photo or silhouette pictures which were so damn beautiful.


Big Stone behind Tanjung Layar Sawarna Sign in Sunset



I took my brother’s silhouette and it was so cool meanwhile, he took mine so awkwardly. Here’s his silhouette:

my brother’s silhouette


After sunset was almost drowning on the other side and the high tide was more going crazy, we decided to go back to our homestay. We rode motorcycles again to go back, but our stomachs had sounded like cheerleader because our last meal was at 6 AM that day, and then we decided to take seafood meal before went back home to freshen up and taking rest.

I am really sorry I can’t put pictures of our food on this post. They took a long time to cook and we were so hungry that time, and after the food came we just eat it immediately! But basically, we ate grilled fish with rice only.

Day 2: Sawarna Huge Wave Breaker – Pantai Legon Pari

Day two in Sawarna, the tour guide told us to go early to see a sunrise. But we ended up woke up late anyway because we had to pray Fajr at 5 AM. After that, we started our second day leaving at 6 AM and this time the beach was kind of far away and the road was like steep uphill and we had to cross the small bridge made of rope that usually used for flying fox and wood with a motorcycle, you can imagine how stressful it was. The uphill road was so tight and scary because when you cross the road, you would see nothing but the road, like in the left and right side of the road was a scary gap if you fall you will be done.

I can’t show you how scary the road was, because I had to concentrate on my riding. On the way to the second attraction, we met a man who was riding a motorcycle and fell off the uphill streets are starting to decline. I am a person that can’t stand with blood because that man was bleeding so bad, but gladly there was Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) – The Indonesian Red Cross – in the scene. The PMI asked us to keep riding to our destinations which was a good thing because I hate seeing blood.

The riding takes about 15 minutes because of the slippery sands and you know, the dangerous road. Here we were arriving at the second destination which was soooo cool, now I can show you the pictures!

this the view we got when we first arrived in the second attraction


This place’s name is Pantai Legon Pari and this place has a lot of huge rocks to break huge waves. Sawarna coastline was in the southernmost of the Java Island that is why the waves are so huge and dangerous to swim in it. To see the huge waves breaker, we had to walk about 3 minutes and we could even hike this huge rocks. But because the waves were so huge, we couldn’t go further, it might dangerous for our life.

Huge wave breaker (rocky mountain)


There were huge waves behind that rock mountain and the waterfall-like in the picture above was the result of the wave breaking so beautifully. This wave was still not too strong, at the end of our visit here, there was the biggest one and a person almost drowning if he was late to move out of this rocky mountain, it would drown him to the sea. I will bring you to the view from above this rocky mountain.

wave from above (1)


wave from above (2)



Beach destinations in Indonesia always make me want to come back! I hope you can visit this place too! Make some memories and also knowledge about new places.

Thank you <3



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